Dusting and airing made better

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A new, innovative product for versatile airing

Dusting and airing are the best care for textiles. Natural fibers outright love airing. With regular airing textiles need less washing, which lengthens their life.

Duster is a modern, Finnish airing and dusting appliance that eliminates the need for a dusting rack, and can be used for numerous, versatile purposes.

With telescopic airing arms and a folding table, it lends itself perfectly for almost any kind of airing, dusting or drying.

A more enjoyable choice

Duster is designed to fit a modern balcony or terrace.

Its design, color and finishing are of a designer product standard, and the mounting method and location consider the esthetics of the surroundings: wall mounting means no more unmown grass tufts under the dusting rack!

Ergonomic and space-saving

Duster has a folding table and arms, the length of which you can adjust to suit. This makes dusting carpets and airing bed linen both effortless and ergonomic.

When you’re not using Duster, it folds down, out of your way. Its arms turn along the wall and the table folds upwards. You can place the Duster on your porch, balcony, under a canopy or in some other sheltered spot, and it will not be in the way of cleaning or form an obstacle on your path.

Thanks to the clever mounting position, even in the winter you save the trouble of plowing your way through snow to the dusting rack.

High quality, Finnish-made

All the components of Duster are made in Finland. The accuracy of measurements as well as the quality of the materials are of the highest grade. Duster is a pleasing to the eye and a sturdy aluminum product that endures use and will not rust in the long run.