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Design Duster Corporation Privacy Policy

This page includes information about Privacy Policies as required by European Union law.

What data do we collect and why

Product reviews

When users leave product reviews about our products, the information given on a review form will be saved. Also the user’s IP address and browser version information will be saved in order to make recognition of spam easier. Anonymised decentralization information (hash) created from Email address can be sent to Gravatar-service in order to know whether the commenting person really is a user of the service. More information about Gravatar can be found from the Privacy Policy-page of Automattic

Customer Accounts

From our registered customers, we will save only the information that they themselves have provided. A customer can, if desired, remove the given information either by erasing the whole user account or contacting our customer service and requiring them to remove the information. Product reviews or comments that were sent via customer account will be anonymised that is to say, the personal data to be identified will be removed (in this case email addresses and other private information).


When an order is made, a contract is concluded between the merchant and the customer. To fulfill this contract, we are bound to save the information received from the customer. Companies are obliged by Bookkeeping Act to maintain the order information. Therefore we can not erase order-related information, even when so required by the customer. Instead, as is mentioned above, customer account information can be removed when the customer wishes to do so.

Contact forms

We use a contact form on our site, through which personal information is stored into our email box. A customer can, if desired, request the removal of this information.


By leaving a product rating or comment on a website, the customer can choose the name, e-mail address, and url entry in the cookie-settings. This feature adds convenience because the whole form does not need to be refilled every time a comment is added. Cookie information is automatically deleted from the browser after one year.

When a customer account holder logs into the website, we set a temporary cookie that determines whether or not the client browser supports cookies. This cookie does not contain personal information and will be deleted when the browser window is closed.

When a customer account holder logs in, we set a number of cookies that store login and display settings. The log in cookies are removed within two days, the cookies associated with display settings will be removed one year later. If the customer account selects “Remember me” upon logging in, the login information will be stored for two weeks.

If a customer publishes a new or edits an existing article, we will save a cookie containing the ID of the article to be edited to the browser. This cookie expires in one day.

Content embedded from other sites

This site may contain embedded contents (for example videos, photos, articles etc.). Opening embedded contents imported from other sites is comparable to actually visiting these sites provided by third parties. These sites may collect information from you, use cookies to embed third-party tracking cookies and monitor interaction with embedded content, including the monitoring of interaction if and when you are signed in as a user. We mostly use video content from YouTube that is produced by us.


Our site has a Google Analytics tracking service that helps us to develop our site easier to use for the customers. Site visitors’ IP addresses are anonymized and no other personal information is collected in the analytics service.

Storage of Data

Who we share the information with

We only use the information provided by the customer to complete orders. If a customer issues a separate marketing authorization (for example, when ordering), the information can also be used for e-mail marketing or other direct marketing.

How long do we keep the information

If a customer leaves a product rating or a comment, the stored information is retained until further nortice. This is done so that we can automatically identify and accept the customer’s following comments instead of retaining them in the approval queue.

We store the user profiles of registered users (if any). All users have the ability to view, edit and delete their personal information at any time. Only the user name can not be changed. Web site administrators can view and modify user profile information, but may not use them for purposes other than handling customer relationships.

What rights do customers have on their data

If a customer has a user account or some of the stored information (eg. product reviews or comments) on this site, he may request a composite file of all personal information they provide. The customer may also request the removal of personal data. The right to delete your personal information does not apply to personal information that we need for maintenance, legal or security reasons.

Where do we send the gathered information

Visitor comments or other information may be checked out of the site for spam messages through an automated anti-spam service.

Data Protection

How do we protect personal information

Our site is accessible only by using encrypted connection. The server itself is located in a locked server site in Finland. Passwords are stored in encrypted form in our database.

How do we operate in case of Security Breach

We notify our customers instantly when a security breach is detected, at latest 72 hours of detection. Announcements about possible security breaches, their severity, and the actions we wish our customers to take will be emailed to those customers who have an account in our online store. A security breach is will also be informed about on the news section of our site.

Third parties

For handling warranty issues, we may receive information about orders from our resellers.

Automated decision-making and profiling of personal data

We do not make automated decisions based on personal data, or profile our customers based on personal information. This information will not be used in marketing without permission.

Industry-related legislation

Due to the nature of the online service (an online store that supplies physical products to the customer’s postal address), we have to maintain order information for accounting purposes.

Our contact information

When having questions about privacy issues, please contact us.

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